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'Sleepy Hollow' Pilot Screencaps, Character Guide and Plot Synopsis

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane Revolutionary War Tom Mison pilot screencaps
The hero of "Sleepy Hollow". (*CLICK* all pics for larger versions!)

The "Sleepy Hollow" pilot puts an interesting biblical spin on the old tale of the Headless Horseman, and gives us an entertaining, pulpy, creepy good thrill ride that hopefully will continue throughout the episodes. We begin the pilot with a flashback to one of our soon-to-be central characters.

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As you see in the pic above, this handsome soldier (Tom Mison) is fighting in the brutal Revolutionary War. Things are already quite bad enough for him, you think.

Then this scary dude shows up.

Headless Horseman Sleepy Hollow ax red coat mask pictures

Bullets don't kill him, but his ax slices through our soldier quite well.

Death blow Ichabod Crane Sleepy Hollow Tom Mison

Turns out our dying hero's sword also slices through the evil Redcoat's neck very well. They collapse next to each other on the ground.

Newly headless horseman death scene Revolutionary War

Then our soldier wakes up, not from a dream, but from his own grave...in a cave.

The first sign that something is amiss: this strange surface with the painted lines. We the audience know we are back in the present.

While our soldier's busy trying not to get run over by motorized conveyances, we zip over to a local diner.

We meet the Sleepy Hollow sheriff, August Corbin. We are amused that he is played by Clancy Brown, who starred in that chopping-off-heads cult classic, "Highlander."

Sleepy Hollow Lieutenant Abbie Mills Nicole Beharie

We also meet Lieutenant Abbie Mills. We can tell the sheriff is a father figure to her, because she acts a bit like a teenager around him. He wants her to be interested in the weirdness worth exploring around them. She wants to move on to bigger and better things than Sleepy Hollow.

The two get called to a local farm that has something spooking the horses. This is where we run into a whole lot of things you don't ever want to see.

Like a guy with no head that's impervious to bullets.

Headless Horseman red coat

And a bloody ax coming at you through a barn door...

And what's on the other side of that door...

Sleepy Hollow sheriff beheaded bloody head Clancy Brown screencaps photos

Lieutenant Abbie Mills crying Sleepy Hollow Nicole Beharie

Being that this is a small town and our soldier is the stranger who is acting crazily in the middle of the road, he gets arrested on suspicion of murder.

This is where we find out that our dear revolutionary is Ichabod Crane. And he learns that he's somehow woken up 250 years after his glorious battlefield death.

Officer Andy Dunn (John Cho) doesn't care what this crazy dude says, he's the most likely suspect.

Sleepy Hollow Andy Dunn John Cho officer screencaps

Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) really has no idea what to make of any of this.

Orlando Jones Captain Frank Irving Sleepy Hollow pilot

While he won't let Abbie interrogate the prisoner in the station, he allows her to be the one to transfer Crane to the local mental hospital.

That awkward moment when your prisoner asks if you've been "emancipated."

Lieutenant Abbie Mills Nicole Beharie shocked grin

It seems that on TV, 90% of policewomen are played by someone half the size of the men. Sure, she's got a gun, but impossible not to think he could knock her over in a second.

Ichabod Abby handcuffs Tom Mison Nicole Beharie

But on to brighter subjects, such as Ichabod's tendency to look all soulful. He also calls Abbie "Lieutenant," in that sexy old school British way: "Leuf-tenant."

Sexy Ichabod Crane Tom Sleepy Hollow soulful eyes

Abbie bends the rules and gets Ichabod to take her to the cave where he woke up. In it he finds a bible that he was buried with. There's a special passage marked in Revelations.

Ichabod book bible flashlight glow pretty

Ichabod looks soulful in the dark, too.

Handsome Ichabod Tom Mison Sleepy Hollow dark cave screencaps

That terrifying moment when your possibly time-traveling companion tells you that headless dude you don't want to admit to having seen is actually one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Sleepy Hollow Abbie Nicole Beharie

Things get even freakier after that. Ichabod finds out his wife was killed as a witch...

Ichabod's witch wife Katrina Crane Katia Winter screencaps Sleepy Hollow

...when a strange bird leads him to his wife's headstone.

Abbie just doesn't want to believe in witches or headless horsemen or apocalypses...so she does her job and takes Ichabod to the mental hospital.

Sleepy Hollow Abbie Ichabod mental hospital white room bed

Ichabod looks even more soulful in his new sterile prison...

Ichabod Crane mental hospital Tom Mison screencaps bed white sheets

...so Abbie tells him about the time when she and her sister had a terrifying experience in the woods.

They saw four creepy-as-hell white trees and a strange shadowy presence.

Sleepy Hollow four white trees scary presence demon four horsemen of the apocalypse

The experience left both girls emotionally scarred, and Abbie's sister has been in and out of mental hospitals ever since.

Abbie leaves Ichabod and goes to the late sheriff's office. She discovers a hidden key and secret files, all about the occult and weird happenings in Sleepy Hollow. 

Meanwhile, Ichabod gets visited by that strange bird again...

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod bird

And enters a strange hazy world where his wife has been trapped. She warns him of the impending danger of the Four Horsemen, who will bring the End of the World with them.

Ichabod's wife Katrina Katia Winter screencaps red hair witch

He sees the same creepy white trees Abbie did. Katrina warns him that he must prevent the horseman from retrieving his long-buried skull.

Sleepy Hollow four creepy white trees horsemen demon Ichabod Crane

After finding all of the secret files, Abbie busts Ichabod out of the hospital so they can work on all of this crazy $%#! together.

You know, things like a headless dude climbing out of his watery tomb to hop onto his red-eyed horse and go off in search of his missing skull.

And doing a little light evening grave digging...

Sleepy Hollow grave digging screencaps

And finding the Horseman's missing head in Ichabod's wife's false grave...

creepy skull headless horseman's head screencaps

Abbie Mills freaked out expression creeped Nicole Beharie photos
Yeah, that's pretty much the same face we made.

Oh look, The Horseman has upgraded to some serious firepower...

Headless Horseman rifle shotgun slide Sleepy Hollow screencaps

While Ichabod is dodging bullets, Abbie gets knocked out and dragged by Andy into the back of his police car. Turns out he's working with that Death guy...

Abbie does a bit of thumb-biting to get Andy's hand off her face, and pretty soon she's got things under control...

Finally, reinforcements arrive, in time to see stuff they totally don't want to believe. Abbie and Ichabod share a wry smile over the absurdity of it all.

Lieutenant Abbie Mills Nicole Beharie Tom Mison Ichabod Crane screencaps Sleepy Hollow

Andy has to face that evil demon, however, and the consequence of dealing with an entity like this is that your head and body end up in a configuration they were never meant to be in.

Sleepy Hollow Andy John Cho head flipped wrong backwards screencaps

Abbie and Ichabod arrive to find their potential infomant on Evil totally dead, and wait, what's that in the mirror?

Abbie Ichabod react to demon in mirror
Yep, that's pretty much the same freaked-out face we made.

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"Sleepy Hollow" airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.

PHOTOS: 2013 "Sleepy Hollow" pilot premiere screencaps, Fox, fair use.

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