Thursday, October 10, 2013

'Arrow' Recaps, Season 2

"Arrow": Every girl loves a sexy shirtless hero...

Season 1 of "Arrow" introduced our title character, then a vigilante justice-seeker fresh off a hellish five years on a dangerous island. (All the S1 episode recaps are here.) Season 2 gives us a reborn hero, however, as Oliver seeks to try justice with a less deadly hand...

Season 2 Recaps:

Episode 1: 'Arrow' Recap: Oliver Retires as a Vigilante, but Can He Be Reborn as a True Hero?

"City of Heroes": Starling City is in chaos after "The Undertaking," but Oliver is back on the Island, still recovering from Tommy's death. Can he return in time to save his family, and the city, from ruin?

Episode 2: Enemies Are Piling Up for 'Arrow'! Is Laurel the Most Dangerous of Them All?

The "Arrow" episode "Identity" has Oliver facing attacks from all sides, tearing him down as the Queen family representative, and hunting down his new-and-improved alter ego before he can truly prove himself. This hero stuff isn't easy...

Episode 3: 'Arrow' on Overload: Can Oliver Save His Mom and Laurel from Imminent Death?

There are a lot of guilty feelings in the "Broken Dolls" episode of "Arrow," as two families face their own failings. Moira tries to find peace, Lance fights an old nemesis, and Laurel takes her anger out on Arrow as he tangles with both a serial killer and a new vigilante...

Episode 4: A Shocking 'Arrow' Reveal Could Destroy a Friendship but Save a Family

The "Crucible" episode of "Arrow" reveals that it may soon be easier to list the characters who don't have an alter ego. Oliver gains two new allies this week, one whose alter ego remains hidden to him and one whose identity could shatter his relationship with Laurel and her father...

Episode 14: 'Time of Death': 13 Things We Learned

Felicity gets jealous of Sara's ability to hang with the boys, the Lance family implodes, Oli's mom entertains and unexpected guest, and Felicity finds her innermost Kick Ass girl power.

Episode 23: 'Arrow' Finale: Six Things We Totally Hated

This season of "Arrow" built up to an unbelievable finale full of surprises, rescues, meaningful stares, kick-ass fight scenes, 120 ways to stab a guy with an arrow, and that whole "Save the World" kinda thing our heroes are so darn good at. There was so much to love, but we gotta admit, there were half a dozen things we soooo totally hated...

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PHOTO: Season 2, Episode 1 screencap, CW, fair use.

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