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'Nashville' recaps, Season 2

Nashville Scarlett Gunnar singing screencaps recaps
Clare Bowen and Scott Palladilo star in "Nashville".

Your 'Nashville' Season 2 recaps are here! Season 1 ended with that big cliffhanger of Rayna and Deacon's accident--if you want to catch up with last season, get all the recaps here. Otherwise, scroll down to catch up on all the Season 2 intrigue with Rayna, Deacon, Juliette, Scarlett, Gunnar, Teddy, Tandy, and more!

Episode 1: 'Nashville' Season 2 Premiere Recap: After the Accident

In the "Nashville" Season 2 premiere, "I Fall to Pieces," everyone struggles in their own way with the aftermath of Rayna's and Deacon's accident.

Episode 2: 'Nashville' Recap: Deacon Gets Bad News, Rayna Gets Double-Crossed 

In "Nashville" episode "Never No More," Deacon struggles with his injured hand, Rayna gets back-stabbed by the new label owner, and Juliette exploits her own tough childhood for record sales.

Episode 3: Rayna Fears for the Future of Her Singing Career, Deacon Faces His Fears About Fatherhood

"Nashville" episode "I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now" finds Juliette and Rayna both battling their record company. Teddy urges Deacon to face his responsibilities, then gets himself ensnared in Peggy's evil web.

Episode 4: Maddie Runs Away, Juliette Tries to Save Her Tour, and Deacon Finds Romance

In "Nashville" episode "You're No Angel Yourself," Rayna struggles to bond with her daughter, Deacon has a romantic evening with his lawyer, and Juliette makes a bold choice to save her world tour.

Episode 5: 'Nashville' Recap: Did the Accident End Deacon's and Rayna's Music Careers? 

In "Nashville" episode "Don't Open That Door," Rayna and Deacon face the end of their music careers, while Lamar faces prosecution.

Episode 6: Nashville' Recap: Rayna Tries to Save Her Record Label, Juliette Romances a Married Man

Romance is in the air in "Nashville" episode "It Must Be You," with old flames hooking up and new couples trying to decipher their feelings. 

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PHOTO: "Nashville" Season 2 promo screencap, ABC, fair use.

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