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'Arrow' Recap: Oliver Can't Stop Helena's 'Vendetta'

Arrow Vendetta Season 1 Episode 8 Helena

Last week's episode of "Arrow" once again had Oliver's sister, Thea, imploring him to open up to someone. In Episode 8, "Vendetta," our hooded hero unfortunately opens up too much. While it used to take superheroes years to reveal their secret identities, Arrow feels comfortable making it a second date sort of thing.

After his first-date bonding with Helena, Oliver decides he can put her on a better path to justice. At first, she's not interested. She doesn't want any romantic entanglements, or anyone getting in her way; Oliver did just that when she tried to execute the main Triads and get the gang to go to war against her father. It takes some schmoozing, but Arrow finally convinces her to give both archery and killing less a try.

Things seem to be going swimmingly, especially when Oliver is able to cross a bad guy off his list and hers with a death toll of zero. Of course he tells her about the list, and introduces Digg -- who is none too happy that Oliver is pouring so much trust into an unstable girl who could turn on them at any time.

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Helena and Oliver's bliss gets tested when they run into Laurel and Tommy at a restaurant and the girls suggest dining together. Things get awkward when Laurel tries to force Tommy to take her earlier suggestion and ask Oliver for a job at his new nightclub. It gets more awkward when Helena realizes that Laurel is her new boyfriend's former love. She thinks he still has feelings for his ex, and she angrily ends the relationship after dinner.

Tommy and Laurel have their own fight, but he shows up at her apartment to apologize. He explains that he's embarrassed and freaked out about losing his trust fund, but more worried about losing her. Laurel apologizes for forcing the issue but assures him he won't ruin his "street cred" by asking his friend Oliver for help. The two look to be back on track to serious coupledom.

Meanwhile, Walter seems to be reconciling with Moira. That is, until his employee Felicity ignites his suspicions about his wife's secret money transfer that was shadowed by an "NSA-good" organization. Felicity shows him a symbol she uncovered in association with that group, and Walter searches his own house. He finds a little hidden diary with the symbol and seemingly blank pages, just like Oliver's dad's book. With help from Felicity in revealing the invisible ink, Walter now has his own list of names to ponder.

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Helena enjoys every minute of her father's discomfort as she continues on her revenge trip, taking out four Triad heavies. Oliver's too late to stop her, but he's at her home when China White shows up with several assassins to retaliate against Helena's dad. Thanks to Arrow's help, the murdering mob boss nearly escapes with his laptop -- until Helena catches up to him. Oliver intervenes but nearly gets Helena killed by her father instead of the other way around.

Arrow carries a wounded Helena to safety, and the cops arrive in time to pick up her dad and his computer full of incriminating information. He's going to jail, and Helena doesn't have a family death on her conscience, but she's not grateful. She warns Oliver that his feelings are meaningless to her and that if he ever gets in her way again, she'll reveal his secret.

A dejected Oliver allows Digg his "I told you so" moment and apologizes for letting his loneliness cloud his judgment. He gets some good karma back when he and Tommy have a bro-hug moment after Tommy fesses up about his pauper state, and Oliver happily offers him the general manager job at his new club. All seems well, but Arrow knows he'll see Helena again, and we're guessing he'll run into China White again after he wounded but didn't kill her.

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