Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Glee': The Return of 'Trouty Mouth' Sam

chord overstreet sam hold on to sixteen glee pictures photos trouty mouth red lips screencapsOh Sam, how we've missed you. Chord Overstreet returned to "Glee" for Episode 8, "Hold on to Sixteen," and it was all we hoped for and more. We may never know why Chord left the show in the first place, but it was good to have him back. "Glee" gave Sam a funny Toby Keith tune to perform called "Red Solo Cup," which is sort of a cross between country and beat poetry. You can have a listen on the "Glee" music site here. Sam's always had one of the strongest male voices on the show, so it was a treat to get a solo about Solo from him on his first episode back.

One of the sure-to-be-most-talked-about highlights of this "Glee" episode was, of course, Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) discovering that Sam's new after-school job was as a stripper named "White Chocolate." Any excuse to show off Sam's abs again, right? This was also just another opportunity for Chord to get harassed by his fellow castmates, and yes, the pic below is of Cory's phone with a blackmail-worthy photo of the blond hottie in his underwear.

Cory Monteith phone picture blackmail stripper Sam photo picture screencap Chord Overstreet Hold on to Sixteen GleeSam's abrupt departure left Mercedes (Amber Riley) without a boyfriend once again, which the "Glee" writers compensated for by just as abruptly finding her a new guy. That slapdash storytelling was one of the weaknesses of an otherwise greatly improved Season 3, so it's been a relief to see Sam reintroduced to Mercedes' love life. His plan is to win back her love after their "summer fling," and it looks like Mercedes isn't too upset about this new development. What girl doesn't want two boyfriends fighting over her?

One more bonus of the return of Sam's ruby red lips is, of course, Santana's (Naya Rivera) famed monologues about his "trouty mouth." "Glee" had fun with the snarky cheerleader's obsession with Sam's pout, having her whip out a list of fresh "OMG your mouth is so big" insults she'd been jotting down ever since he left. Sam's good-natured response showed he'd missed Santana's clever jabs as much as we did.

The bad news in all of this is it appears Sam may not be in for the long haul. The early reports on Overstreet's reappearance noted he'd be on "Glee" for a "multi-episode arc." How long Sam sticks around may be contingent upon how well his storyline goes over and what the ratings say about his return. Judging how fans reacted after the first time he left, I would suspect that even if Sam isn't a regular on the show, they'll leave it open enough for him to return for future episodes.

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  1. I stopped watching Glee after 3.01, though I'm contemplating getting back into it, but it baffled me why he was written out so abruptly. Though he's far fromt he best character, I'm glad to hear he's come back,a t least in some shape or form even if it's a multi-episode arc like you said. He's not bad to look at either...!

  2. There was apparently some disagreement between the Glee producers and Chord Overstreet--it was all very bizarre. But it's definitely nice to have him back! You could take a gander at some of the Glee episodes from season 3 on Hulu, I think. It's still got flaws, but it's a definite improvement from last year.

  3. I think I'll be giving it a look over Christmas for sure.

  4. I haven't been watching Glee (it's on my very long "To watch eventually" list), but I just wanted to say I'm glad to see you back posting on this blog! Missed your reviews here.

  5. @MsTerri: Glee is definitely worth a watch. Even when it's bad, there's always an awesome musical number to enjoy! Thanks for stopping in and for the support! So much of my TV work has been going to Yahoo, but I'm trying to figure out a way to blend the two outlets for maximum TV coverage. :)

  6. Is it just me, or does Glee seemed to have lost its magic this season? I don't want to say it's starting to suck, but it just doesn't seem interesting.

    Maybe it's just overkill? I know last season was painful with every episode banging you over the head with the fact that Kurt was gay.

    I've been clamoring for Santana and Mercedes to get some storylines, but this is not what I wanted. They've turned them into unlikable characters and Britany has all but disappeared into the background. What's up with that?



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