Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol 2011 Recaps

It's that time of year again, folks, when I post multi-page, ridiculously detailed recaps of American Idol. Missed an episode? Don't worry. Just check out my recaps and you'll feel like you were there. That is, unless I get tired and skip a few sections because it's 4am and I need to get some sleep. But still. Really good recaps.

There are new American Idol judges and a whole new batch of 125,000 contestants to wade through. Let the games begin!


New American Idol Judges Liven Up New Jersey Auditions 1/19/11
American Idol New Orleans Contestants Interesting Enough Without All the Sob Stories 1/20/11

American Idol Milwaukee Auditions: Those Cheeseheads Can Sing! 1/26/11
American Idol: Randy Takes the Hard Line in Nashville 1/27/11

American Idol Goes for Odd Drama at Austin Audtions 2/2/11

American Idol L.A.: Worst Episode Ever? 2/3/11

Has American Idol Found Another Adam Lambert in San Francisco? 2/9/11
American Idol Hollywood Week 1: Contestants Face the Chopping Block

Is American Idol Still a Singing Talent Show? 2/16/11
New & Improved American Idol: Now with Actual Singing! 2/17/11

American Idol Vegas: Countdown to the Top 24 2/23/11
American Idol Top 24 Revealed 2/24/11

TOP 24

American Idol Top 12 Guys: Durbin Rocks Out, Lusk Channels Vandross 3/1/11
American Idol Top 12 Girls: Adedapo Soars, Turner Channels Midler 3/2/11
American Idol Top 13: American Likes Interesting Men, Pretty & Bland Women 3/3/11

TOP 13

American Idol Top 13 Perform -- Durbin Sings McCartney, Adedapo Tackles Rihanna 3/9/11
American Idol Top 13 Results -- The First Girl Goes Home 3/10/11

American Idol Top 12 Catch the Flu, Skewer Nirvana & Heart 3/16/11
American Idol Top 12 Results -- Haley Safe for Another Week! 3/17/11

American Idol Top 11 Up Their Game on Motown Night 3/23/11
American Idol Top 11 Results Shocker--American Got It Right! 3/24/11

American Idol Top 9 Rock Hall of Fame -- Haley Rocks Janis, Durbin Gets Sensitive 4/6/11
American Idol Top 9 Sends Another Girl Home in Shocking Elimination 4/7/11

American Idol Top 8: Judges Throw Haley Under the Bus 4/13/11
American Idol Top 8 Results: First Guy Goes Home 4/14/11

American Idol Top 7: Modern Songs, Fake Beards and Actual Judging 4/20/11
American Idol Top 7 Results: Stefano Goes Out on a High Note 4/21/11

Top 5

American Idol: Carole King and the Michael Bay of Song Arranging 4/26/11
American Idol Top 6 Results: The Family Dog Doesn't Vote 4/27/11

American Idol Top 5: Haley Steals the Show, Gets Dissed By Judges--Again 5/4/11
American Idol Top 5 Results: Two Girls Still Safe 5/5/11

American Idol Top 4: Gaga Scares Scotty, Lauren Stands Up for Haley 5/11/11
American Idol Top 4 Results Night Shocker: A Guy Goes Home 5/12/11

Ranking the American Idol Top 3: Who's 'In It To Win It'? 5/18/11
American Idol Top 3 Results: It's an All-Country Finale 5/19/11


American Idol Final Performances: Worst Top 2 Night Ever? 5/24/11
American Idol Finale Results Show: Superstar Guests, Top 13 Rev Up the Excitement 5/25/11

PHOTO: American Idol judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson get started on the New Jersey auditions, screencap c2011 FOX.


  1. Hey Val! Long time no comment from me. Did ya miss me? lol

    For real, though...I didn't catch all of last night's auditions, but from what I saw things seemed to have a new feel. Too early to say whether that's good or bad, or whetherit s jst the uncertainty of no Simon and the suckfest that was last season.

    There were some good ones, but I don't think we saw the winner last night. Well, maybe that last guy that went or the 16 yr old hispanic looking girl (hard to tell in jersey...everyone seems to be the same

    Ready for tonight's episodes?

  2. Ha, absolutely I missed you, MM!

    I'm enjoying the new vibe of AI, but we'll have to see how the season progresses. Last year really was a suckfest, and the whole panel was just awkward and uncomfortable. So it's been a lot more pleasant watching the new judges just have a good time up there.

    Ha, yes, the Jersey girls all did seem to have a similar look. I did like the last guy. I liked that we saw more good people than bad, but I agree, I don't think we saw the winner last night. I'm hoping someone will jump out at me in later auditions. I think once some people get over their initial nerves and are on the adrenaline of being in Hollywood, we might see some better performances out of peeps who seem ho-hum right now.

    I'm getting carpal tunnel just thnking about another 2 hour episode to I am looking forward to hearing more Steven-isms. :P

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. yeah, we should be able to see a frontrunner or two, as well as pick a darkhorse come Hollywood week. Then all that will go out the window when the real thign starts and they vote out our favorites *cough* Melinda Dolittle*cough*

    I'm so out of it, New Orleans is an hour away and I didn't even know they came. Not like I could or even wanted to audition, but its the principle of the thing, y'know? lol

    I only cauht bits and pieces of last night. what did yoy think?

  4. Ha, if you ever watched EW's Idolatry, I think Melinda Doolittle came up a lot...ha. Mine last year was the voters getting rid of Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott practically before they even got out of the gate. My excitement for AI was wiped out before it had really even begun.

    I think they said they were in NO in October? They do the main auditions in the summer, I think, and then the chosen few that get to go before the TV judges come back several months later.

    There were a couple more interesting contestants last night, especially the first guy, Jordan Dorsey. The show was so much better at an hour--two hours of auditions starts to wear after awhile. I didn't like that Randy slipped back into having no opinion again. He was doing so much better!

  5. lol See, I'm not the only one that thinks Melinda got screwed (and its not becuse of my slight crush on

    I'm with you on Lilly not making it seemingly ruining the season. It seemed to start a bad tone for everything else that went wrong.

    As far as Alex, well, he should have been in instead of that guy that did that odd version of one of Paula's songs (which is the ony reason he made it through).

    I have no problem with Randy slipping back to his old ways now and then, but its a new regime, and it appears as though he's the leader, so he needs take the initiative. did that make any sense?



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