Friday, December 3, 2010

Katie Couric to Guest Star on "Glee"

In an interesting move by the Glee showrunners, CBS news anchor Katie Couric will be turning up as a guest star on Glee. Will she be joining a Cheerios pyramid? Interviewing Sue Sylvester for a special report on Cheerleading Coach of the Universe?

Fan reaction so far has included plenty of "Bzuh?" responses, but Katie could be a surprise on Glee. I give you all the scoop about the appearance and Katie's glee club credentials over on Yahoo! omg! with "Katie Couric to Appear on 'Glee' with Coach Sylvester".

Katie Couric's Glee guest starring role should take place on FOX February 6, after the Super Bowl.

PHOTO: Katie Couric making her entrance on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show last year, screencap c2009 Mad Cow Productions, Comedy Central.

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