Saturday, August 28, 2010

26 Reasons to Watch the MTV VMAs: From A to Jay-Z

Lady Gaga at 2009 MTV VMAs, c2010 Philip Nelson, Wikimedia Commons.

Let's be honest: MTV and videos haven't really had much to do with one another lately, and the VMAs can often be the crudest and lamest show out there. But there's a big feeling of hope this year, with crazy creative types like Lady Gaga landing 13 nominations, and a group of performers that should make things a heck of a lot more entertaining than usual.

On the expected side, you've got sexy Usher and adorable Bieber--but then you've also got Swedish dance pop eccentric Robyn and the fiery and innovative Florence + the Machine. And with Chelsea Handler at the helm, there's a good chance the sex, rock'n'roll and mayhem of the MTV VMAs will actually be entertaining this year.

Not sure about tuning in on September 12? Check out the full list of 26 Reasons to Watch the 2010 MTV VMAs: from A to Jay-Z.

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