Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Best 80s Pop Music Videos

Does anyone else miss the days of fun, campy, ridiculous, and occasionally genius music videos? You know, back in the time when MTV actually played music? It's been a long time since the 80s, but some of these gems still hold up. It's also fun to remember your first reaction to ground-breaking music videos that changed the whole genre and put its permanent stamp on popular culture.

It's also nice to remember the time when "ground-breaking" did not equal "naked". I'm looking at you Lady Gaga, since it's so clear you wouldn't exist without women like Annie Lennox.

We don't have the MTV we used to, but at least we have YouTube, where some of these mini-music-films now reside. I've written up a list of the 5 best 80s music videos over at AC, complete with links to those awesome vids. So you can relive the glory days, or take a peek at the early days of the music video genre you now only catch on YouTube, AOL, or On Demand. Or you know, if you're up at 2am and watch VH1.

PHOTO: Pat Benatar & friends, "Love Is a Battlefield" screencap, c1983 Chrysalis Records.

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