Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tina Fey Fantasizes About Justin Bieber

Tina Fey Justin Bieber Saturday Night Live SNL April 10 2010 screencaps images photos picturesOhnoshedinnit...ohyesshedid! Saturday Night Live went there tonight with host Tina Fey and musical guest Justin Bieber. Sixteen-year-old Justin took part in the monologue and some sketches--including one where he played the tempting student to Tina's lonely teacher. Tina fantasizes about her student, where he serenades her with song.

This was funny (and dangerous) enough in concept, but even funnier were the lyrics he sang about helping her with her back pillow and watching her "skip the hard parts" in her Pilates routine. Justin seems to be enjoying the whole Cougar lover persona he's been cultivating and he played his part hilariously, tossing his perfectly layered hair as Tina's teacher dreamed about how his hair "always knows just where it's going".

Tina was hilarious with her usual deadpan delivery of the lines, but she didn't sell it quite as well as she could have. As you can see below, in the backstage clip of shooting the Saturday Night Live promos, Tina seemed very conscious of not showing the least amount of attention that could be construed as worthy of a felony. Justin's no fool, however; in the promos and on air, he managed to squeeze in as many hugs as he could get.

Considering the whole Saturday Night Live sketch was about forbidden love, it would have been fun to see Tina play up the dirty old lady role a bit more indulgently. After all, there was no physical contact and the kid's not going to be harmed by a wink and a smile. Check out his adorable flirtatiousness on Chelsea Lately for the perfect example of Cougar comedy:

As for Bieber's musical performances on Saturday Night Live, I was impressed. I know kid artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber get a lot of criticism in the press for not being "real" artists. If you've been watching American Idol this season, you'd know that a lot of the adult artists can't sing a note, can't play an instrument, and can't write songs. Whether you like his brand of youthful pop/R&B or not, you've got to give the kid credit for being so young and putting on such a professional style show, for his songwriting, for having a sweet voice, and for having pretty fly dancing skills--and a ridiculously charming personality.

I always say that anyone that sounds good on Saturday Night Live will sound amazing anywhere else--even the best bands notoriously sound like crap on that SNL stage. While he had a few rough spots vocally, overall Justin put on a good show. His singing during the Tina Fey teacher sketch sounded live--and if it was, he really has mad singing skillz.

Justin also slipped in a little love note later in the show, changing his song lyrics at the end from "When she smiles, I smile" to "When Tina smiles, I smile." And then he gave that adorable grin that inspires mature women to think very wrong thoughts.

Two years, ladies, and then you can think them all you want. Until then, stick to the wink and a smile.

PHOTO: Host Tina Fey and musical guest Justin Bieber; Saturday Night Live promo, backstage p.o.v. screencap, c2010 NBC.

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  1. I caught a little bit of SNL this weekend. The parts I saw were some of the funniest I've seen on there since the days os Sandler, Spade, Farley, etc. I think that had to have been becuse of Tina Fey.

    Talented and hot...perfection! No wonder Bieber ws drooling over her. Ofcourse, he gets too much closer ot my woman, we're gonna have to

    Speaking of Bieber, he's got some chops, that's for sure. I think of all the current teen stars, he'll be the one that is still around in 10 years. Miley and the Jonas Brothers are soon to be dropped by Disney as they seem to drop their folks when they reach a certain age (see Hillary Duff)

    I never realized it, but you're right. Anyonme can sound good on that SNL stage...or maybe they all lip sycnh like Ashlee Simpson did, they jusyt don't get



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