Monday, March 8, 2010

Kathryn Bigelow Wins Best Director & Best Picture

Kathryn Bigelow Best Director Oscar The Hurt Locker 82nd Academy Awards 2010 screencaps images pictures photosIt was a big night for Kathryn Bigelow and for The Hurt Locker. This talented director became the first woman to take home the Best Director Oscar in history. Presented the award by famously snubbed actor/singer/director Barbara Streisand, it was a victory lap for the ladies at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Finally!

Want to see all the winners? I've compiled a list of all the 2010 televised Oscar winners and presenters for you. I also wrote in detail about the Highlights and Lowlights of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Highlights include the awesome and well-deserved posthumous tribute to John Hughes. Lowlights include the poorly arranged and incomplete In Memoriam segment.

Additional shout-outs to Sandy Bullock for winning the Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side. This lady has been a charming and lovable presence onscreen for a long time, and has also turned in some stellar serious roles--most notably Murder By Numbers, and this year's The Blind Side. She's got to be loving winning an Oscar in a year where she was up against both Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren, two uber talented dynamos. You go, girl! And extra props for her great speech, where she laid the love on all her fellow nominees, including Streep, who is apparently "a good kisser".

While the Academy Awards were overall a good production this year, there are always a few things that could be done better. One of them is the annoying tendency for the cameras to fly around the room looking for black people every time an African-American wins an award. It's an annoying focus on separatism. I mean, what, no white people think Mo'Nique was awesome and deserving in her role in Precious? Obviously they did, or they wouldn't have voted for her.

Additional shout-outs to Meryl Streep for being such a good sport with all the teasing from Academy Awards hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, as well as her best actress tribute speaker, Stanley Tucci; one for James Cameron for being ecstatic when his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow won the Best Director Academy Award; one for the adorable and awesomely funny Oscar duo of Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr., and a personal final shout-out to Oscar presenter Gerard Butler for being hot as always, with that sexy Scottish accent.

Now it's time to catch up on all those Oscar nominated films I haven't seen yet!

PHOTO: Best Director Oscar winner, Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), c2010

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