Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Donnie Wahlberg Guest Stars on In Plain Sight

Mary McCormack Mary Shannon Donnie Wahlberg In Plain Sight Father Goes West screencaps images photos pictures Colleen Hayes USAAs an added bonus to the return of Mary and Marshall on tonight's season 3 premiere of In Plain Sight, we get guest star Donnie Wahlberg. "Father Goes West" explores Mary's return to duty as well as the search for her shooter. Tonight's WITSEC investigation involves a witness who may be having trouble giving up his former life of crime.

You may still think of Donnie as that New Kids on the Block singer, but he's no slouch in the acting department. Highlights of his acting career include excellent performances in Ransom, Sixth Sense, Band of Brothers, and acclaimed series Boomtown. Donnie also starred in the short-lived series Runaway, as a father wrongly accused of a violent crime who takes his family into hiding with new identities. It seems he'll already have some insight into the plot of In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight Season 3 has more exciting guest stars in store, as well as more family drama, more witnesses, and even some flashback sequences. Here's a clip of Mary McCormack talking about some of the changes in season 3:

You can also read: In Plain Sight -- New Season, Tew Timeslot, New Showrunner for even more details.

Watch In Plain Sight on USA, Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

PHOTO: Donnie Wahlberg, Mary McCormack, In Plain Sight "Father Goes West", c2010 Colleen Hayes, USA Network.

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