Monday, January 4, 2010

New Episodes of Your Favorite TV Shows, Starting This Week

The Good Wife returns with a new episode on Tuesday, at 10/9c.

After a holiday hiatus of specials, reruns, and movies of the week, new episodes of your favorite shows start picking up again this week. Here are some of the highlights:

Monday, 1/4

NBC, Heroes, 8/7c: New 2 hour episode.

ABC Family, Secret Life of the American Teenager, 8/7c and
Make It or Break It, 9/8c: New episodes of the soapy teen dramas.

Tuesday, 1/5

CBS, NCIS, 8/7c and
NCIS: LA, 9/8c: New episodes.
The Good Wife, 10/9c: Julianna Marguiles returns in her new hit drama.

ABC, 8/7c, Scrubs and Better Off Ted: Double doses of new episodes of your favorite comedies.

Wednesday, 1/6

NBC, 8/7c, Law & Order: SVU: New episodes of the long-running drama continue.

ABC, 8/7c, The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town: Double dose of The Middle followed by new episodes of ABCs hit comedies, capped off with a new episode of Ugly Betty at 10/9c.

Thursday, 1/7

No new series episodes, so your best bet is probably the premiere showing of The Bourne Supremacy on TNT at 8/7c. You can't go wrong with Matt Damon as a super skilled assassin, trying to find out who made him the way he is and why they keep trying to kill him. An awesome Joan Allen also stars.

Friday, 1/8

CBS, starting at 8/7c: Ghost Whisperer, Medium, and Numb3rs return with all new episodes.

NBC, 8/7, Supernanny: Watch our favorite nanny whip another family into shape.


  1. well, its about time. i was really starting to get tired of reruns and Rudolph! lol

    of course, most of the new stuff i watch isn't coming baxck until march and April...grrr!!!

  2. Ha...that's a good description of holiday TV--reruns and Rudolph. :P That was a long stretch of no new TV, but it worked out for me. I hardly watch any TV during the holidays, as I'm usually out shopping, visiting, or I'm having people over!

    But it'll be good to finally see some cliffhangers resolved in the coming weeks!



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