Saturday, June 20, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress -- "Two for One"

Consultant Dianne hit a double on tonight's Say Yes to the Dress episode, "Two for One". Her bride's small family entourage happened to include another engaged couple who would soon be looking for a wedding dress themselves. Halfway through the first bride's appointment, this second bride-to-be saw the dress of her dreams in a mermaid-style gown. Dianne let her try it on once the first bride found her own dream dress, and Dianne ended up making two sales during one appointment to the tune of $8000. Not too shabby.

Debbie and Carmel weren't so lucky, however, as they consulted with two sister brides getting married three months apart. The Say Yes to the Dress double appointment seemed like a good idea on paper, but as the brides vied for attention and approval from their mother and a third sister, it became clear that splitting their dress shopping time wasn't the best plan.

Further complications arose over budget. The mother had offered to pay $3000 for each girl, but for some reason one sister told the consultant she had a $5000 budget. It wasn't clear if she just made a mistake, or if she'd been hoping her mother would make up the difference, but the mother held firm.

Unfortunately, the dream dress she'd found was out of her mother's proposed budget. Her sister boldly suggested they share the dress so it would only amount to $2500 apiece.

The Kleinfeld's consultants and managers alike were wary of such a proposal. They were careful to point out that if the first sister got a stain on the dress or tore it somehow (which invariably happens) this would cause a big problem for the second sister three months later.

Despite the possibility of a sale, the consultants suggested the sisters sleep on it, rather than making a hasty decision. The Say Yes to the Dress voiceover let us know that the sisters decided not to share after all, which was probably a very wise choice.

For bold wedding dress designs, check out Pnina Tornai.

These episodes of Say Yes to the Dress continue to stun me, as brides-to-be travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to shop at Kleinfeld's and then try on a dozen of the plainest dresses you've ever seen. They have no decoration, no volume, no flair. Why pay thousands of dollars for such a plain gown?

I understand that fine gowns have nice shape and tailoring, and not everyone on Say Yes to the Dress wants a ball gown, but it seems that it's the latest fashion now to be plain. There's almost a snobbery to it, that lots of beading or volume are somehow gauche. And yet, for the most part, as we watch the brides try on these utterly plain gowns, you rarely see any true excitement over them. The sisters in this "Two for One" episode kept trying on simple, straight, plain dresses and their reactions were the same as mine: blah. Yet it never occurred to them to try on something with a little more pizazz.

C'mon brides! Live a little! Where else can you wear a truly elegant, voluminous, jewel and bead-enhanced gown except at your wedding? Unless you'll be going to presidential balls or royal events, nowhere! So go on, Say Yes to the big white fluffy tulled glittery lacy Dress and enjoy yourself. Everyone will love it, and even if they don't, who cares? It's your day!!

Watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC Friday nights at 10/9c, right after What Not to Wear.

PHOTOS: Kleinfeld's bridal consultant Dianne from Say Yes to the Dress; Bride Gina Masella and designer Pnina Tornai from Season 2 of Say Yes to the Dress, c2009 TLC.


  1. I could never watch this show. The notion of paying thousands for a dress for one day is beyond me.

    I made my own wedding dress, down to hand sewing tons of lace on it. Total price: $200. And that was a struggle.

    The priorities one must have to spend as much as a house cost on a wedding just confuse me.

  2. As moch as a house? what type of gowns are you talking about????
    Now if you can make wedding gowns, and you do a great job, what ever else you do, you are in the wrong business!
    For a nice quiality silk, perfect fit, you can find one gown around $2000, well if you do your homework.
    But if 2k still to much....ask yourselfs what other silly things u had wasted money on? did they matter more then the day you will be comitten for life to your love one??? Every penny adds......

  3. @Anon: I think Stephanie was referring to the price of many dresses on the show, which have gone up to $50,000. The consultants at Kleinfeld's will barely talk to a bride with a limit of $2000, unless it's during one of their sample sales.

    Everyone has different priorities. The $5000-$20,000 many gals on Say Yes to The Dress readily spend can get you a down payment on a townhome or house. Committing to a home together doesn't sound frivolous to me! :) The average guy can't tell if you spent $50 or $5000 on your gown, really!

  4. can someone please tell me what is name and style of the dress in the pic.. i have been trying to find it
    thank you so much

  5. how much is the pnina toroni dress in the photo? i cant find it anywhere on the kleinfeld website!!!

  6. can anyone help me im looking for the dress that was in the episode with the 2 sisters that were going to share the same dress. its a strapless mermaid thats gathered in the bust and waistline, they kinda look like knots. i cant find it anywhere... please help me :(

  7. I love the dresses from Pnina Tornai ,could you tell me how much costs that one in upstairs?I'm from Portugal and i saw the episode and i'm in love with that dress,its so wonderfull, I really want to marry with a Pnina's dress but in Portugal isnt easy because there are no availables stores with Pnina's dresses :(.
    I promise to you one day I'll go to america just to buy my perfect dress!!!:D but can you tell me about the prize?

    Vânia Barroso

  8. The dress above is in the kleinfeld website, you have to look on the right hand side towards the bottom and shop by designer. This dress is about $12,000.



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