Saturday, June 6, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress -- "Second Time Around"

Leslie Saunders Ramona Keveza dress bridal gown Say Yes to the Dress screencaps images pictures photosTonight's Say Yes to the Dress episode, "Second Time Around", focused on brides who were re-doing their original wedding to their husbands. One bride had a quick wedding due to visa issues, another for military service issues.

What this episode also centered on was the great mystery of Kleinfeld's. Known for having practically every wedding dress on the market, Kleinfeld's is the frequent destination of wealthy and/or spoiled brides. Women travel from across the country, or even across oceans, in an attempt to find the perfect dress that their heart desires.

This is understandable. What is less understandable is why so many women on Say Yes to the Dress go to such a large, designer-packed wedding dress boutique when they have a relatively small budget. With two to three thousand dollars to spend, going to a local bridal boutique would get them an incredibly impressive gown. At Kleinfeld's, we continually get shots of panicking sales consultants who have no idea how to find a dress that will fit within the bride's "small" budget and still be something she wants.

Carmel bridal consultant Say Yes to the Dress screencaps images photos picturesThis is what happened to one of tonight's brides, Caitlin, in another episode of what has now become the standard "Randy to the Rescue" Say Yes to the Dress plotline. Bridal consultant Carmel asked management for some help finding her bride Caitlin a classic, lace dress with no fluff for $2200. In swoops Randy, who of course rubs Carmel the wrong way, especially when he asks Caitlin to repeat everything she's already told Carmel about her wedding and dress style.

What Randy pulls is a Ramona dress, similar to the one pictured above. Neither Carmel nor the manager she consulted thinks it looks that great on the bride. The mother of the bride isn't crazy about it. Bride Caitlin doesn't seem all that certain, either, but for some reason she caves. I almost suspect it was because a man picked it out. While the Ramona is a perfectly fine dress, it didn't seem to suit this young bride's personality and slight frame all that well. I suspect there were better options out there, but no, Say Yes to the Dress once again leaves us with a victorious Randy.

Watch all the wedding drama unfold on TLCs Say Yes to the Dress, Friday nights at 10/9c after What Not to Wear. Check your local listings for encore and repeat showings.

PHOTO: (top) Leslie Saunders wearing a Ramona Keveza dress on Say Yes to the Dress; (inset) Carmel, Kleinfeld bridal consultant, c2009 TLC.

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