Monday, May 18, 2009

Cold Case In, The Unusuals Out: Renewed and Canceled Shows Update

News keeps rolling in about renewed and canceled shows, with confirmation coming at tomorrow's upfronts. Recent word was that Without a Trace and Cold Case were both in danger of getting the boot due to the high costs of location shoots and cast salaries. now reports, however, that Cold Case is in the clear, renewed for the fall. The fate of Without a Trace remains to be seen. My only hope is that Kathryn Morris, a wonderful actress and the heart of the show, can find a way to regain a few pounds and the luminous glow she had in previous seasons.

Unsurprising to me, who could only get through 12 minutes of the pilot episode, The Unusuals has apparently been shelved. I'm a little frightened that ABC seems to be doing things right (after canning four excellent dramas this season) by renewing Castle and Better Off Ted and letting go of The Unusuals. Sadly, I fear they will not mind my wishes about Cupid, and I'm holding my breath until tomorrow when the Castle and Better Off Ted news will be confirmed for sure. Cross your fingers with me, folks.

In other news, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is definitely gone. Bones has been renewed for two seasons, despite some shaky plot decisions that have been annoying longtime fans of the show. The Big Bang Theory, one of the funniest comedy shows in recent history, has been renewed for two seasons. Two and a Half Men, one of the most sexist shows in modern history, has been renewed for three.

According to, Law & Order and Law & Order: CI are still up in the air, but Law & Order: SVU is returning. Supernatural and Gossip Girl are renewed, and Reaper's fate is yet to be determined.

A huge surprise to me is that Scrubs will be coming back. The new season will no doubt focus on the new interns. Zach Braff is set to return for a partial season to transition the show into its new format.

Tomorrow we should have confirmation on all those on the bubble shows, and find out if our favorites have been renewed or canceled. There are also some new shows to look into, including a new vehicle for Moonlight hottie Alex O'Loughlin.


  1. :( I am so sad SCC is gone.

  2. I'm glad to see Cold Case will be back. That is one of my favorite shows. I agree, Kathryn Morris needs to eat a few burgers and fries :)

  3. @Emm: I never watched SCC, but I know a lot of people enjoyed it. I'm actually kind of surprised they chose Dollhouse over SCC, but maybe it had higher ratings over all.

    @Poetic: Cold Case is a good, solid show and has produced some really wonderful episodes. I thought Kathryn Morris was looking a little better at the start of this season, but now she looks so drawn and ghostly pale again. I'm hoping she's all right healthwise.

  4. Yay! 2 more season of Bones! Now they need to get to fixing the mess they made at the end of last season and this confusing crap that has gone on this season and get back to its roots.

    I'm not holding out out hope for Cupid or Reaper, but if they do survive I;ll be glad. something tells me Reaper has a better chance, for no other reason that it's on the CW

    I didn't even wase my time on The Unusuals except for that first few minutes that one night it was on in Cupid's spot that I didn't know about until the credits rolled.

    I'm a little perplexed about Sarah Connor. Seems as if they would want to capitalize on the popularity of the movie ths summer. Maybe it's just me, though

  5. I've only seen about half the season of Bones; I need to catch up. But from what I've seen and heard, they really do need to do some repair to that series, stat.

    Looks like Cupid and Reaper are both done. Cupid wasn't perfect, but it had potential. And it at least ended on a high note.

    The Unusuals seemed to be a love it or hate it type show, and I guess more people were on the hate side!

    Word was that they were going to try and use the Terminator movie and SCC as complementary pieces to each promote the other, but then I guess FOX just gave up on it.

  6. repair is right. its not in total disaray like Heroes, but its in the water ready to jump the shark.

    complemntary, huh? don't think that worked out too well for sarah connor. most of the audience for her was from last year's strike when it was the nly thing scripted on that wasn't reality. that audience went different ways when writers came back, though. such a shame, show had potential.



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