Saturday, May 23, 2009

Canceled Primetime TV Shows

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NBC: Not that it's a surprise, but Kings has been officially canceled. My heart is broken, as this could have been one of those great epics like Lost that everyone gets so invested in--the fanfic was already being written, people!

Less tears are shed for canceled NBC shows Kath & Kim, My Name is Earl, and Medium. The latter got picked up immediately by CBS, and My Name is Earl has a good chance of getting renewed life from FOX or even ABC.

NBC gave up on Life, which was also somewhat expected, though no less disappointing. At least we got something of an end for Life, in one of the finest primetime TV esisodes of any show ever. Just remember, One + One = One = Love.

ABC: I never watched finally-ended series According to Jim, and In the Motherhood and The Unusuals got about 15 minutes total of my attention before giving up. Samantha Who? had its moments, but just couldn't hang on. And ratings-challenged Cupid got canceled as well, despite my personal objections. Bobby Cannavale has a power of charm that gives even Nathan Fillion a run for his money, and I'm hoping he can swing another show.

CBS: The loss of mini-season serial drama Harper's Island probably won't upset too many people, but some surprise cancellations have hit fans hard as CBS said goodbye to The Unit, Without a Trace, and Eleventh Hour.

CW: Cult fave Reaper got the sharp end of the scythe, and CW also canceled Everybody Hates Chris, The Game and Privileged.

FOX: I reported earlier that FOX had canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but they also axed King of the Hill, Mad TV and Sit Down, Shut Up. King of the Hill was actually canceled last year, but then there was practically an entire season of episodes left to air--not all of which have seen the light as yet.

PHOTO: Ian McShane as King Silas, Christopher Egan as David Shepherd, Kings screencap, c2009 UMS, NBC.


  1. Industry insiders confirm Hollywood Reporter's article that ABC Studios is actively trying to sell Reaper. Syndication is a very real possiblity right now, but EVERYONE is recommending writing your affiliates! Help out! All details here:

  2. I'm surprised Kath & Kim made it as long as it did. Seems they can't find a decent show to put in that spot, and now that they've cancelled Earl, hey'll be scrambling to find something to replace it, too.

    I watched According to Jim when it first started, but forgot about it. I honestly thoguht it left with Geoge Lopez and tha Freddie Prinze, Jr. show were cancelled. I remember it being somewhat funny. Hope it gets a decent sendoff. Any show that's been on that long deserves it.

    I didn't understand Harper's Island. From what I hear, that's not a big loss. Eleventh Hour just didn't catch on, I guess.

    CW finally gets its wish of cancelling Chris and the Game. They tried to do ti last year. I read somewhere they want to be all teen drama stuff. --rolls eyes-- Privelaged wasn't too bad, the few episodes I caught,but it seemed like the kid of show they stick in when everything else is in reruns. Wish they'd let it grow like they did with Gossip Girl, but i guess that would make too much sense. My fingers are crossed that Reaper gets saved.

    I tip my hat to King of the Hill. It had a good run. Sit Down and Shut Up didn't get the chance to do anything. I think it was more bad timing by Fox than anything.

    Speaking of Fox...why did they tease us with Glee? They sure are putting a ton of press behind that show. I liked it ,but it wasn't that great to get all this build up, especially since it won't start until late September or October or whenever the new season starts.

  3. @Reaper DMV: Thanks for the link. I thought syndication would only mean reruns, but it seems there is still a faint hope of new epis as well. The big problem is that some of the cast have already moved on to other projects...

    @MM: Kath & Kim showed a million previews when they were promoting it, and I never laughed once. I figured this would mean the show would air for 10 years. :P

    Apparently most people forgot about According to Jim--it was a weird thing where it just kept going on and on for no reason anyone could point to. I don't think it was a bad show, I just never got into it myself.

    There has been a lot of buzz about Glee...I'm never sure why they start hyping stuff so early. By the time it rolls around, people will need to be reminded all over again.



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