Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows

With official news of the fall schedule not arriving until next month's upfronts, all the TV sites are filled with speculation about what primetime TV shows will be renewed and which will be cancelled.

USA Today has a handy dandy grid to let you know who's in and who's out and who's on the bubble. It's not too hard to figure out that powerhouse shows like the CSI franchises, the Law & Order series, and the new powerhouse The Mentalist will be coming back. And a lot of shows with lower ratings are already officially cancelled, like Life on Mars, Crusoe, and Eli Stone (the four remaining episodes will be burned off this summer.)

What leads to speculation are all the shows in the middle, that have low ratings but great critical acclaim, or middling ratings that show potential, or just network faves that will be given another shot.

Some shows that have had questionmarks around them this season are in USA Today's renewed or as-good-as column, like Bones and Big Bang Theory. I wasn't surprised (though saddened) to see Cupid, Castle, and Better Off Ted in the "on the bubble" category, but pretty shocked to see Medium, Rules of Engagement, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. Granted, a lot of these shows that are on the bubble are all on the same freakin' night, including the lovable geek TV show Chuck. I want to know who the genius was that decided to put Chuck on against Big Bang Theory? Talk about canceling each other out! Why not put Chuck against Ghost Whisperer or any other show with a completely different target audience? Then both networks win their demo for the night.

It's still looking like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse are dead. reports that Fox won't be airing Dollhouse's last episode, and there's a whole tangled explanation of why not. Honestly, I didn't care that much for Dollhouse, but it still feels like Firefly all over again. Whedon and Fox need to part ways permanently, because obviously they can't make beautiful music together.

PHOTO: Simon Baker as Patrick Jane on the popular CBS series The Mentalist, screencap c2009 Warner Bros. Television, CBS.


  1. I don't watch many TV shows, though I have particular ones I do make a point of seeing. (Torchwood, Doctor Who, CSI with Lawrence Fishburne, etc).

    But when I saw the picture at the top of your post, I almost screamed, "If they cancel that show I'll break someone's teeth!!"

    Ahem. Nice to know it's coming back.

  2. Well, at least Bones is safe. WTF happend to Cupid last night? Pre-empted by The Unusuals? Obvious which show ABC wants to save (even though they'll probab;y both be getting the ax) Watching Chuck Monday kinda gave me a bad feeling. Felt like they were going more towards a series finale, rather than a season finale. I hope not. I've alresdy lost Pushing Daisies, and Scrubs is ending (as far as I know), Chuck is the only network comedy I have left...well, except for the usmmer when catch how i met your mother reruns from the

    Ted needs to be saved, too. what's the deal with dollhouse? i've heard all kinds of rumors. never saw the show, but enquiring minds want to know, y'know? lol

  3. Hi, Valerie! I am a former Today blogger (Being Bipolar). I added you to my blogroll of former Today blogs.

  4. @Phyl--LOL, I'll let them know they better not cancel The Mentalist. Seriously, lookit that gorgeous Simon Baker smile? Who could cancel *that*??

    I always like the actors on the CSI shows but I can't handle the gore. Bones is even too much for me these days, but I'm hooked into that one. :P

    Doctor Who and Torchwood rule!!

    @MM--I've only seen the first 8 or 9 epis of Bones this season but they seemed like they were starting to jump the shark there. It was rumored they might get the ax, but I think the ratings must still be pretty high. I hope they can get back on track with it.

    I got the *same* feeling you did about Chuck. They might be doing it like Life--working up to an ending people can live with if it's cancelled, but leaving it open enough for another season if they get one.

    I *wondered* why stupid The Unusuals was on two nights in a row. GAH. I read that Cupid was only being preempted one week, so hopefully they haven't given up on that one yet.

    I saw a couple episodes of Dollhouse and really didn't care for it. It just didn't feel like a true Whedon show. Some people like it, but I think they're giving it a healthy dose of benefit of the doubt just because it's Joss.

  5. @Atorturedsoul--thanks for the add! I'll put you on mine as well, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. eh, i think they jumped the shark last season on bones and have spent this season tryign to make sens of it and haven't been able to do it yet

    let's hope pur feeling on chuck aren othing more than feelings (did i just quoite an old song

    While Cupid has been prempted, Eleventh Hour seems ot have been replaced. WTF?!?

    Finally saw some Dollhouse...Mommy always said if you can't say anythig nice, don't say anythign at all, so my silence about that says it all. If Eliza Dushku wasn't so hot, it would be a total waste of time

  7. @MM--Yeah, I guess the stuff with Zack started last season. That was definitely a big dramatic moment no one saw coming, but as for how it's affected the show? Gah. They dismantled a lot of the charm of the character dynamic and that was a big mistake. Plus the Angela/Hodgins thing got so stupidly messed up. I think they went totally the wrong way on that.

    I don't think Cupid is going to make next season, so I'm just trying to enjoy it while it's here. From what I just read, Eleventh Hour hangs in the balance depending on whether CBS keeps pricey dramas Cold Case and Without a Trace.

    I only watched a couple episodes of Dollhouse, and to me, Eliza being "hot" was about all she "could" do. People seem to have enjoyed her in other things, but I think she's way out of her depth here. Latest word from, though, is that Dollhouse might come back next season.



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