Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Plain Sight -- New Season Premiere Tonight

Mary's back! With Kings moving to Saturday night, I was worried about Sundays becoming dull, but turns out we've got In Plain Sight returning tonight to USA. What could be better than a sassy, wise-cracking, tough US Marshall who helps a wide range of victims and criminals adapt to life in the federal witness protection program?

Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) is one of the fantastic new breed of woman characters on television--smart, independent, sexy, and a little rough around the edges. She kicks down doors, wrangles runaways, and makes bad decisions, and we love her for it. We love her even more when she's verbally sparring with her intellectual, much finer-edged partner Marshall Mann--that's right, he's U.S. Marshall Marshall, an ongoing joke that's used just sparingly enough to remain funny.

Frederick Weller plays Marshall with a nice bit of dry wit and stubborness. Marshall's got more sensitivity than Mary, but he's snarky enough to keep her on her toes. (In case you were wondering, Frederick is first cousin to actor Peter Weller, who you may remember as RoboCop or from a recent stint on 24. There's definitely a resemblance between the Wellers, with the sharp features and deep set eyes, and they're both compelling presences on the screen.

But I digress. In Plain Sight does a nice job balancing the cop drama and the drama of Mary's home life. The show has some comedic elements, but it's not afraid to go to the darker places. Mary has a difficult past and dysfunctional family relationships, and isn't so good at the romance and commitment part of life.

Tune in to see Mary and Marshall spring back into action this season on In Plain Sight. Oh, and did I mention, Mary has a really hot on-again off-again boyfriend Raphael? You can't say no to hot Chilean actor Cristián de la Fuente, you really can't. But somehow Mary can...

In Plain Sight season 2 premieres tonight on USA, at 10/9c.


  1. You look like you are settling into your Blogger blog! It is starting to look more like your home.

    I haven't heard of this show - how strange!

  2. Well, USA is one of the smaller cable networks. But they've been putting out some decent shows. In Plain Sight can be a little cheesy sometimes, but overall it's a good, enjoyable show.

    *settles into blog* I do feel a bit better now that it looks more like it should!



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